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Positive Behaviour for Learning


"To be a learner, I will be respectful, responsible and safe."


Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) is a world-class program that looks at social skill development for our children. Throughout this developmental program students will learn and reinforce many social skills that they need to be a respectful, responsible and safe learner within our school and the wider community. Specific lessons for this program are taught in each class each week throughout the year. Reward programs that are attached to our positive behaviour support are Golden Letters, Silver Letters, Golden Triangles/Golden House Points and T25.

We are currently working on interlinking PB4L and KidsMatter Primary.  

Golden Triangles and Golden House Points

As part of our Positive Behaviour for Learning Program, Golden Triangles are given to students for positive social behaviours in the classroom (as listed on our behaviour teaching matrix) and for individual acts of kindness and respect in all areas. Golden Triangles are then converted to Golden House Points. Each week on Parade, the House with the most points performs their House Warcry and at the end of each Term, the House that has earned the most points throughout the Term wins the House Trophy. In many of our classrooms, teachers also keep a tally of the individual Golden Triangles that students have earned and these are tied to a classroom rewards program.

Golden Letters and Silver Letters

At the end of each Semester, students are individually rated by their class teacher in regard to their behaviour at school. This rating considers behaviour in the classroom, the playground and other areas of the school. Students in Years 1-6 will have this rating appear on their report card and students gaining the top two ratings (Very High and High for Year 1-2 and Excellent and Very Good for Year 3-6) will gain a Golden Letter. Prep students are rated on a 3 point scale and students receiving a High rating will gain a Golden Letter. Golden Letters are presented near the end of each Semester during one of our Wednesday Parades.

Parents receive a letter from the school when their son/daughter reaches the Golden Letter milestone. We encourage all parents and friends to attend this special Parade and acknowledge the great work done by students. Students’ names are published in the school newsletter the week they receive their award. A photograph is taken of each student with their Golden Letter and these photographs are used in a movie which is displayed in the foyer. Silver Letters are presented to students who receive a Sound or Satisfactory rating for their Behaviour. These Letters are presented in the classroom in the last week of each Semester.


To work towards T25 we use silicon wristbands in the playground and other areas outside the classroom. These wristbands are handed out to students who are displaying schoolwide expectations in these areas and then they are collected and tallied in the classroom. Students are working together for a whole school reward once they reach their target of 25,000. These whole school rewards can be varied. In the past we have had a number of different ones including: 10 minutes extra play each day for a whole week, various free dress themes, no homework for a week, students choosing the music for our bell and movie session. The rewards are negotiated by the Student Council.