​​​​​​Dalby South encourages families to enrol their children into a Kindy program the year before Prep. If you need help with this, please contact our Early Years Support Coordinator via our school office and she will provide you with information about centres that may help you with placement. General information about Kindy in Queensland can be found on the ​Early Education and Care website. A KindyLinQ program and a playgroup, Little Sprouts, operates from our site with information about them below.


Dalby South is one of 40 Queensland Department of Education schools where a KindyLinQ program operates. It is a play-based program that families living in identified locations can attend in the year before their child can start kindergarten. To attend the program, families have a child who is turning 3 before the end of June in the year they are attending. Siblings​ are welcome to attend the program with parents and the target age child/ren. ​​​​​​ Registration forms for the KindyLinQ program are available from our school office.

The program provides a safe, welcoming space for families to stay and participate in fun early learning experiences. KindyLinQ is led by a qualified teacher in conjunction with our Early Years Support Coordinator and throughout 2023 will operate on Thursday mornings, 9am to 12 noon during term time, from a room in our Prep precinct. KindyLinQ also assists in connecting families with approved kindergarten providers for the following year before Prep.

Facebook group

KindyLinQ has it's own Facebook group that parents can join for updated information about what is happening in the program on a week to week basis. Follow the link​ or search for @kindylinqdalby on Facebook.


Dalby South has a playgroup, Little Sprouts, that is open to all families with children below Prep age. The program is led and facilitated by our Early Years Support Coordinator and in 2023 will operate on Tuesday mornings from 9-11am during term time based in the KindyLinQ room. For more information, please contact our Early Years Support Coordinator via our school office.

Benefits for children and families for KindyLinQ and Playgroup

KindyLinQ and Little Sprouts playgroup enable young children to play, explore, sing, create and socialise with their parents, other children and experienced staff in a safe space. The programs also offers guidance for families about how to support their child’s learning and development at home. Parents and carers play the most significant role in establishing the environment children need to support optimal development and learning, and they will attend each session with their child.

Learning through play

KindyLinQ and Little Sprouts playgroup are based on a facilitated playgroup model. It is about children learning through hands-on experiences with the support and guidance of a caring adult. Children will learn skills that will support them now and in later learning, including socialising, managing their emotions and developing language skills to ensure they can effectively communicate their ideas and needs. The programs are informed by the Early Years Learning Framework and are separated from the curriculum expectations of school-age children. 

Last reviewed 22 September 2023
Last updated 22 September 2023