​The formal curriculum at Dalby South School accesses the Australian Curriculum as a basis for planning, teaching, learning and assessment and encompasses all 8 Key Learning Areas:
·     English
·     Mathematics
·     Science
·     Health and Physical Education
·     Humanities and Social Science
·     Digital Technologies
·     The Arts
·     Language Other than English (Japanese)
To prepare our students for a globalised on-line future, students use desktop and laptop computers, and iPads and have internet access throughout the school whether in their classroom or computer labs or library. Digital Technologies (including computer education) is incorporated and integrated across other curriculum areas.
Specialist subject teachers in Physical Education, Music and Art are also based at the school and provide specialist lessons to classes weekly. Students access Japanese as their language other than English via the ELLA app in their classroom in Prep -  Year 2, face-to-face in Year 3 & 4, and via Capricornia School of Distance Education in our LOTE laptop in Years 5 to 6.
Teaching staff are kept up to date through professional development across all areas and Dalby South has had particular emphasis on improvement in literacy teaching and learning so as to improve the reading, writing and comprehension of students.
Classroom teachers are challenged to provide a learning environment which:
·   encourages independent learning
·   provides all students with the opportunity to develop creative and critical thinking skills by being involved in real-life problem finding and solving using higher order thinking and metacognition
·   allows risk taking and has warmth, co-operation, acceptance, flexibility and openendedness as its characteristics
·   encompasses the "Multiple Intelligences" recognising individual strengths and weaknesses of students
·   considers the social and emotional development of the child not just the academic, in the planning and provision of learning experiences
·   upholds the principles of equity and inclusivity.
The informal curriculum at Dalby South is a powerful influence helping to shape balanced, personable and confident young people. A wide selection of opportunities are offered:
·   visiting performance and curriculum activities
·   Choir (Year 3-6)
·   Instrumental Music including Junior and Senior Concert Bands and Contemporary Band (Year 4-6)
·   performing arts opportunities including Eisteddfods, Performing Arts Night
·   curriculum excursions and school camps including the biennial trip to North Queensland for Year 5 and 6 students, Sunshine Coast for Year 4, overnight school camp for Year 3, Cobb & Co excursion for Year 2, Darling Downs Zoo excursion for Year​ 1 and a local excursion for Prep.
·   school sport including opportunities for Bunya Zone and Darling Downs representation
·   representative sporting teams in netball, rugby league and touch in particular
·   academic competitions including Australian Mathematics Competition and ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) Competitions in English, Spelling, Writing, Mathematics, Science and Digital Technologies
·   Enrichment for students who are performing at a high academic level in Year 3-6  and in some cases Year 2
·   participating in community events such as Anzac Day march and the Delicious and DeLIGHTful Festival Lantern Parade
·   lunchtime clubs and activities such as STEM Club and Robotics, Art Group, Garden Club plus more
·   Bookclub
Last reviewed 28 April 2022
Last updated 28 April 2022